Direct Hire Search aims to support professionals to succeed and thrive in today’s competitive and volatile job market.

What are some of the more important values for candidates and hiring managers?

Most candidates want employment with a company that has a 

  • competitive and fair salary and benefits
  • healthy and positive environment
  • a company culture that best fits them
  • work-life balance of personal and professional life
  • commuting and location they desire
  • known career track and advancement

Many hiring managers of a company want that has a

  • open position with prompt interviews and quick answers
  • insight of references and complete background
  • detailed pay history and reasonable salary expectation
  • acceptance of a job offer in an easy enough time
  • an employee will stay with a company for a significant time

The candidate and manager have mutual values and goals for the job and the company results in career satisfaction for the employee. The manager and company result in gaining business objections and profit growth. Only when there is a win-win for both parties will professional recruiting and placement do its’ real job.


Direct Hire Search has a systematic approach to making an informed decision for a candidate and hiring manager

  • Recruiter contacts the candidate through phone, email, and/or text message for interest
  • Candidate replies with a professional resume and survey questions. A schedule for phone and/or visit to arrange for a discussion
  • Recruiter and candidate review job and pay history with a detailed job description. The mutual agreement to proceed.
  • The recruiter submits a resume and profile to the company’s hiring manager. Employment interviews are scheduled with the candidate, hiring manager, and other managers.
  • The hiring manager and candidate are debriefed by the recruiter on the interviewing results. Negotiation of salary and job offer proceeds if agreed upon.
  • The candidate, manager, and recruiter need regular communication to ensure understanding and consensus. This leads to a successful job offer or ending the interview process.


Golden Rule

  • The recruiter will NOT submit a candidate to a hiring manager who does not meet job and company criteria.
  • The candidate must have up to 90% of the skills and experience outlined in the company job description.
  • The salary range and benefits of the company meet the reasonable expectations of the candidate.
  • A candidate’s motivation in the job and company is based on a career opportunity and not only money.

Placement Results

  • The average recruiting cycle is less than 45 days from the first day of an agreed job search.
  • Candidates placed in a company are still employed after three years or more.
  • Contingency or retainer fee is an agreement on base salary only.
  • Up to twelve (12) months for a Replacement Guarantee.